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Since 1980, Decade Computers has been one of the largest full-service repair and remanufacturing depots. Decade customers are among the top manufacturers and OEMs in the USA, who use Decade because of its proven expertise in a wide variety of product repairs and services, its quality standards, and its competitive pricing with quick turnaround times. Decade is committed to providing the most effective and thorough customer service in the industry, ensuring that all customer's requirements are met.

Decade provides repair, refurbishment and remanufacturing for a wide variety of products including (but not limited to) printers, disk drives, tape drives, floppy & optical drives, monitors, LCDs, PCs, laptops, work stations, printed circuit boards, mechanical subassemblies, power supplies, keyboards, telecommunication devices, and network technologies. Decade services over 250 product lines with over 10,000 unique part numbers.

So why haven't you heard about Decade Computers? Many customers prefer Decade to work "behind the scenes" assisting with their warranty obligations and saving the time, money and space requirements of servicing existing and older products themselves. This allows OEMs to concentrate their resources on new product directions among other priorities. Industry partners that prefer Decade to remain "transparent" to their customers as well as those who do not both choose Decade the same reasons: unmatched quality, convenience and affordability as a practical alternative to servicing their own products.

For quotes on repairs and other Decade services, please send Email or call (800) 428-5555 M-F 7:30am-8pm Eastern time.


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