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Storage Devices


Decade Computers can provide quick, low-cost repair for a wide variety of floppy drives, hard drives, DVD, CD-R/W, ROM, WORM, magnetic optical, tape and helical scan drives. We also repair the newer storage devices on the market, such the Zip, Bernoulli and Floptical external drives. Our service includes repair or replacement of heads, stepper and spindle motors, and, as required, printed circuit boards. Radial, azimuth, index to data, motor speed, track zero and step time alignments are performed on all drives. Alignments are tested using automatic testing equipment.

To assure performance equal to original operating specifications, all drives are 100% machine tested on a computer system using a diagnostic exerciser. For quotes on repairs and other Decade services, please send Email or call (800) 428-5555 M-F 7:30am-8pm Eastern time.

In addition to servicing storage devices, Decade is your source for new and refurbished replacement parts. Decade has parts for over 750 product lines with 100,000 individual part numbers to choose from. The next time you need a specific spare part check our inventory first for the lowest cost and fastest delivery of warrantied subassemblies in the industry.

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