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Monitor Repair

Decade Computers provides low cost rapid repair or refurbishment of monitors and terminals from low resolution monochrome to high resolution color. Our repair capabilities include tube, yoke and flyback replacement, alignments of brightness, focus, centering, linearity, video size, tilt, margins convergence and pin cushioning. To ensure original performance standards, we test all greyscale, color bar, video attributes, extended resolution, compositive and RGB video.

Decade conducts an ongoing evaluation program of new products in the field to assure a complete range of repair for monitors and terminals. Decade can repair almost any monitor in use today. For quotes on repairs and other Decade services, please send Email or call (800) 428-5555
M-F 7:30am-8pm Eastern time.

NEW! Repair and refurbishment for flat panel LCDs is now available through Decade. This includes monochrome and color, active and passive matrix displays. The repair process includes display driver sub-system (single and dual scan), interface driver sub-system, cosmetic elements, peripheral flex circuitry replacement, pixel column reactivation, inverter power supply/sub-system, back lighting adjustment, contrast and brightness adjustment, full functional testing, burn-in and comprehensive cleaning. All repairs are performed in a class 100 clean room. 

In addition to servicing monitors and terminals, Decade is your source for new and refurbished replacement parts. Decade has parts for over 750 product lines with 100,000 individual part numbers to choose from. The next time you need a specific spare part check our inventory first for the lowest cost and fastest delivery of warrantied subassemblies in the industry.

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