Front Shot

A: 11.3" Super VGA dual-scan or 12.1" TFT active matrix screen with 64K colors
B: Stereo speakers
C: Full size Windows 95 keyboard
D: Integrated TwinTouch™ touchpad pointing device
E: 10X CD-ROM (coexist with FDD)
F: LCD Icon shows system status, even when the cover is closed

Left Side Shot

A: Audio In/Outs 
B: ZV-Enabled PCMCIA 
C: Internal Modem 
D: Floppy Disk Drive

Right Side Shot

  A: 10X CD-ROM Drive  
B: DC Power-In

I/O Rear Side Shot

  A: Port Replicator 
B: 4mbit/second Infra-red port 
C: VGA Video Port 
D: Serial Port 
E: TV-Out Connector 
F: PS/2 Port 
G: Parallel Port 

Bottom Shot

  A: Business Card Holder 
B: Huge NiMH or Lithium Ion Battery 
C: Hard Disk Drive 
D: Floppy Drive (lifts out to expose hard drive) 
E: User-installable Memory Modules